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Winning 3 is the 17th of the 24 Puzzles in Subterfuge.


Win the game in less than 48 hours.

When a player loses control of a mine they lose 20% of their accumulated Neptunium along with it. This can work both for, and against you.


You're going to need to do something about those 197 drillers en route to Adria.


To see the solution click Expand below.

1) Hire a Double Agent

2) Go back to Queen and click on the clock to get to next hire.

3) Hire a Pirate

4) Intercept the Sub with 197 from Feld to Adria. You have to drag from Sivan to the Sub. Make sure you send the Pirate and the Double Agent over. It kills everyone.

5) Send the 33 you have from Wohlwend to Adria.

6) .....

7) Profit!!