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Winning 2 is the 16th of the 24 Puzzles in Subterfuge.


Win the game in less than 48 hours.

Subterfuge is a race to accumulate 200 kilos of Neptunium. You can see how much Neptunium each player has (and their mining rate) in the Intelligence Reports panel middle button at bottom of screen). The text at the top of the screen indicates who is projected to win and when.


Each mine produces 1 kilo of Neptunium per day for each outpost you own, and you need to increase your mining rate quite a bit.


To see the solution click Expand below.

There are a couple of ways to solve this puzzle. Here are the instructions on how to solve it using a combination of mining and conquering:

1) Promote your Navigator to an Admiral to give your subs bonus speed.
Winning2 solution 1
2) Send 20 drillers from CALHAMER to VERNE. Due to the Admiral's speed boost these drillers will now make it to VERNE before the shield charges up too high.
Winning2 solution 2
3) If you move forward to the next time SIVAN produces drillers you will be at the '8.0 hours from now' point. Send your 56 drillers from SIVAN to VINTGAR. You will notice in the image attached that I hired a Lieutenant for the speed boost. However this is no longer required as the admiral gives the same speed boost if there are no specialists present on the sub.
Winning2 solution 4
4) Once the sub arrives at VINTGAR you have enough drillers to make a new mine. This new mine, in conjunction with the additional outpost at VERNE give you enough Neptunium to win the game.
Winning2 solution 5

Alternate solutions:

Upgraded the Navigator to Admiral for increased movement speed and take both factories to the east and use your factory in the west to take the western outpost. With the Admiral's speed the mining boost is enough to win.

(Unintended solution) - If you don't want to win the outposts way you can send a sub to the unseen outpost FELD in the north east. The enemy queen is there and unguarded...