Time machine

You can activate the time machine from the button bar at the bottom of the scree. The time machine allows you to to 3 things:

  1. Scrub into the past, in case you missed something while you were away or simply need to refresh your memory.
  2. Scrub into a simulated future to see the expected outcome of current orders. Note that the simulated future only takes into account what you know and see right now. It does not account for things that happened outside your sonar range or actions that players have not yet taken.
  3. Schedule any order to happen in the future. To schedule an order, scrub to the desired time in the future and perform the action in the same way that you normally would in the present.

Known BugsEdit

  • Sometimes, scrubbing through time will accidentally reveal more sonar than you are supposed to, usually enemys' outpost ranges. While rare to occur, it is in best sportsmanship to close and re-open the game.