Abilities Edit

  • Local effect: When attacking, steals 15% of enemy's drillers (rounded up)
  • Combat priority: 4

In Game Text Edit

  • Converts 15% of enemy's drillers (rounded up) to your side when attacking an outpost, or in sub to sub combat. 
  • Combat priority: 4

 Flavor Text Edit

For Queen and country!

Interactions/Notes/Combos Edit

Stacking Edit

When attacking Thief+Thief, the Thieves abilities are applied one after the other on the enemy drillers instead of the same time. For instance Thief+Thief will not steal 30 Drillers from a 100 Driller enemy outpost.

The first will take 15 drillers (15% of 100) and the second will take 13 drillers (15% of 85=12.75=13).

Interactions Edit

The Thief's ability can be used to gain troops after battle against an enemy when one of two conditions are met:

A. If the enemies drillers are destroyed via specialist's local and global effects after the Thief has been activated. This can be achieved with the following specialists: (local) War Hero and Lieutenant; (global) King and General.

B. If your repair rate is 100% from the Engineers global and local effect and you will win the battle.

Combos Edit

  • Thief + Engineer -- Not only do you steal 15% of the enemy's drillers, but they are also included when the Engineer repairs 50% of them, allowing you to lose very few drillers. If you have Thief + Engineer + Engineer, you practically gain units after every combat, as long as you have bit more than 2/3 of the amount of drillers the enemy has.
  • Thief+King -- The [Kings]] global effect destroys enemy drillers based on your driller count after the specialist phase, so in short not only does a Thief steal from the enemy, it also buffs the King's effect by increasing your numbers. If the King wipes out the enemy drillers before combat you get to keep the spoils pilfered from the Thief.

Notes Edit

While it is easy to scoff at the Thief for its 'low' steal rate of 15%, it puts the Thief in a more appealing light if you consider it a 30% loss of your opponents. The Thief out damages the promoted War Hero when enemy driller count exceeds 66 drillers and continues to scale into late game.