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Subterfuge is a multi-player week-long game of strategy and diplomacy for iOS and Android.

This Wiki is community built. Please use it to find information and share strategies.

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Subterfuge plays out in real-time over the course of a week or more.

You control an underwater nation. Using the fleets of subs at your command you will take control of remote outposts, expand your territory and hire specialists to aid you.

Use your mobile device to check in a few times each day. Assess the situation, issue or modify orders and engage your fellow players in diplomacy and subterfuge. Neither strategy nor diplomacy alone will earn you victory, so plan ahead, coordinate with others and carefully consider the consequences of your actions...

How to Win[]

The winner is the first player to accumulate 200 kilos of Neptunium, a rare, silvery metal required to complete construction of The Apparatus.

Mines produce Neptunium you need. You can drill mines at outposts you own, or try to take them by force using your drillers, your specialists and your wits. Devise the right strategies, use the right tactics and always stay one step ahead of everyone else!

The game also ends if you are the last player remaining... 

How to Really Win[]

Diplomacy is key.

Being a good strategist will greatly increase your chances of winning, but no matter how great a strategist you are, if other players join forces against you and you don't have allies, you will likely be defeated.

Subterfuge is a social game played with other human beings. Talk with your fellow players, make plans together, create trust and good will, and forge friendships and alliances.

Or you can betray them. As in real life deciding when to break promises is as important as making them in the first place.  

About Subterfuge[]

Created by Ron Carmel (World of Goo) and Noel Llopis (Casey's Contraptions).

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