The official specialist descriptions can be found here.

 Specialists can be hired every 18 hours starting at hour 4 from the start of the game.  The specialists presented for hire are mostly random but will consist of 1 Offensive, 1 Defensive, and 1 Other specialist. 

The selection process as outlined by the dev: 

Here's the process from the devs: 

  • Each specialist is classified as attack, defense, or other
  • We take 3 copies of all attack specialists and put them in a "deck" and "shuffle" it
  • We similarly create defense and other decks
  • Each round we draw one specialist from each deck and present it to the player 
  • The player selected specialist depletes the pool of specialists in the deck for the next pick, making duplicates less likely[1] 

Some more information available over at the Strategy page.

Specialist Types Edit

  • Offensive: Tends to be best used when attacking in combat
  • Defensive: Tends to be best used when defending
  • Other: Grants other attributes such as speed or power
  • Promoted: Cannot be hired directly, must be promoted from other specialists

Effect Types Edit

  • Local effect: Takes place only at the site of the sub, outpost or specialist
  • Ranged effect: Takes place within a designated range of the sub, outpost or specialist
  • Global effect: Takes place everywhere on the map and is cumulatively stacked with like effects

Glossary Edit

  • Attack: Non-defensive or sub to sub combat
  • Amount: Number of specialists awarded when hired
  • Combat priority: The order in which specialists abilities trigger when multiple specialists are present. Specialist with identical combat priority act simultaneously
  • Production cycle: The interval at which new drillers are produced by a factory
  • Promotes to: Type of specialist an existing specialist can be upgraded to
  • Promotes from: Type of specialist an existing specialist was promoted from
  • Range: The range which an effect or ability is effective
  • Victorious Combat: Any combat which your sub or specialist(s) survive 

Specialists Edit


Queen Edit

  • Local effect: Adds 20 to her outpost's maximum shield charge.
  • Global effect: If you hypnotize an enemy's Queen the new Queen becomes a Princess.
  • Special Ability: Queens hire specialists (+1 Specialist every 18 hours)

Offensive Specialists Edit


Assassin Edit

  • Local effect: Destroys all enemy specialists in combat including the Queen
  • Amount: 2
  • Combat priority: 6

Infiltrator Edit

  • Local effect: -20 shield charge from defending outpost
  • Combat priority: 4

Lieutenant Edit

  • Local effect: -5 enemy drillers in combat
  • Local effect: 150% speed
  • Combat priority: 7
  • Promotes to: General

Pirate Edit

  • Local effect: Can target enemy subs in addition to bases
  • Local effect: 200% speed when attacking enemy subs
  • Local effect: 400% speed when returning to friendly outposts after victorious sub-to-sub combat

Thief Edit

  • Local effect: When attacking, steals 15% of enemy's drillers (rounded up)
  • Combat priority: 4

Defensive Specialists Edit


Double Agent Edit

  • Local effect: In sub to sub combat all drillers on both sides are destroyed
  • Local effect: Ownership of all specialists aboard are swapped and combat ends
  • Combat priority: 5

Inspector Edit

  • Local effect: Fully charges shields when arriving at your outposts
  • Local effect: Fully charges shields after combat at your outposts
  • Promotes to: Security Chief

Martyr Edit

  • Ranged effect: All subs, outposts and specialists are destroyed
  • Explosion Range: 20% of an outposts’ standard sonar range
  • Combat priority: 1

Revered Elder Edit

  • Local effect: Specialists do not participate in combat, unless subs on both sides carry a Revered Elder
  • Combat priority: 2

Saboteur Edit

  • Local effect: Redirects surviving enemy sub to its owner's nearest outpost. This sub cannot change course
  • Amount: 2
  • Combat priority: 3

Sentry Edit

  • Ranged effect: -5% (rounded up) to the largest enemy sub in range every 2 hours
  • Range: 50% of stationed outposts’ sonar range
  • Promotes to: War Hero

Smuggler Edit

  • Local effect: 300% speed when traveling to your outposts
  • Promotes to: Tycoon

Other Specialists Edit


Diplomat Edit

  • Ranged effect: Your specialists which have been captured are released to your closest owned outpost
  • Range: Outposts’ sonar range

Foreman Edit

  • Local Effect: +6 additional drillers per production cycle
  • Promotes to: Engineer

Helmsman Edit

  • Local effect: 200% speed

Hypnotist Edit

  • Local effect: Take control of all captured specialists
  • Promotes to: King

Intelligence Officer Edit

  • Global effect: +25% to your outposts' sonar range
  • Global effect: Display all outposts’ types (Factory, Generator, Mine) outside your sonar range

Navigator Edit

  • Local effect: May change course of sub at will (no limit)
  • Promotes to: Admiral

Princess Edit

  • Local effect: +50% sonar range
  • Global effect:. The closest Princess becomes a new Queen if you lose control of your current Queen

Tinkerer Edit

  • Local effect: +300% of outpost’s max shield charge added to your total electrical output
  • Local effect: -3 shield charge per hour
  • Promotes to: Minister of Energy



Admiral Edit

  • Global effect: +50% speed to subs not carrying a specialist
  • Local effect: 200% speed
  • Promoted from: Navigator

Engineer Edit

  • Global Effect: Repair 25% of your lost drillers after any victorious combat
  • Local Effect: +25% repair of your lost drillers after any victorious combat.
  • Promoted from: Foreman

General Edit

  • Global effect: -10 enemy drillers when one or more specialists are in combat
  • Local effect: 150% speed
  • Promoted from: Lieutenant

King Edit

  • Global effect: For every 3 drillers owned after specialist phase, destroy 1 enemy driller in combat (does not stack)
  • Global effect: -20 to max shield charge
  • Local effect: +20 to max shield charge (-20 effect does not apply)
  • Promoted from: Hypnotist

Minister Of Energy Edit

  • Global effect: +300 electrical output
  • Global effect: -1 driller per production cycle
  • Promoted from: Tinkerer

Security Chief Edit

  • Global effect: +10 to max shield charge of your outposts
  • Local effect: +10 to max shield charge at stationed outpost
  • Promoted from: Inspector

Tycoon Edit

  • Global effect: +50% driller production rate
  • Local effect: +3 drillers per production cycle
  • Promoted from: Smuggler

War Hero Edit

  • Local effect: -20 enemy drillers in combat
  • Combat priority: 7
  • Promoted from: Sentry
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