The Sentry.

Abilities Edit

  • Ranged effect: -5% (rounded up) to the largest enemy sub in range every 2 hours
  • Range: 50% of stationed outposts’ sonar range
  • Promotes to: War Hero

In Game Text Edit

  • Fires on an enemy sub once every 2 hours while at an outpost. Each shot destroys 5% of drillers rounded up. Sentry's range is half of its outpost's sonar range. Target is chosen to maximize damage.
  • Promotes to: War Hero

 Flavor Text Edit

It is but a dot on the screen and the press of a button.

Interactions/Notes/Combos Edit

Stacking Edit

The Sentry's ability does stack and will each target a sub (sometimes the same sub).

Multiple Sentry's fire in order, not simultaneously. Each will assess the field with each shot.

The Sentry's range is modified by the Princess and Intelligence Officer. The Sentry's range will be what ever the total combined range of all the specialists is.

For example, if an outpost is modified by an Intelligence Officer and has a Princess...

Stat Modifier
Initial Range: 100%
Intelligence Officer: +25%
Princess: +50%
Total Outpost Range: 175%
Sentry: 50% of outpost total
Total Sentry Range: 87.5% of initial outpost total

Strategies Edit

  • Since the Sentry only fires once every 2 hours, it is possible to send a decoy of a single driller to absorb the first firing cycle. Use the Time Machine to test for the best overall result.
  • The Sentry's are best countered by speed posts to decrease the impact.
  • When traveling within an Opponent Sentry's range it is best when possible to transport your drillers in groups of 20 (this is the maximum amount a sub can have with the Sentry's fire only deducting one driller per shot)

But be careful to not attack the outpost itself containing the sentry in sets of 20 as a Sentry can be promoted to a War Hero- wiping out your fleet.

Notes Edit

  • A Sentry firing on a sub with Specialists but no drillers will not destroy or damage the Specialists.
  • The Sentry fires on which ever sub in range it can do the most damage to, but that calculation is rounded up prior to the decision. For example, if a Sentry can see a sub with 21 drillers, and another with 38 drillers, 5% rounded up in both cases equals 2.
  • In the case of a tie, a Sentry will fire on the closer sub.
  • The 2 hour timer is started when the Sentry is hired and resets when it fires.
  • A sub transporting a Revered Elder is still a valid target for a Sentry and will take damage as usual.