The Security Chief.

Abilities Edit

  • Global effect: +10 to max shield charge of your outposts
  • Local effect: +10 to max shield charge at stationed outpost
  • Promoted from: Inspector

In Game Text Edit

  • Adds 10 to max shield charge of all your outposts. Adds 10 to max shield charge of Security Chief's outpost.

Interactions/Notes/Combos Edit


  • Combos well with it's pre-promotion status, Inspector. Having a Smuggler, Inspector, and Security Chief in one sub will allow you to have a fast moving 20 shield bonus for defense which instantly recharges. Note that this can also be achieved with the Queen and King, as they both cumulatively add 20 shield.
  • Does not stack well with King, unless turtling in one outpost. Two Security Chief global abilities are needed to outweigh the cost of a single King's global effect. However, if stacking in one outpost, having a Queen, King, and Security Chief totals up 60 shield.


Multiple Security Chief's Global Abilities do stack.

Security Chief(s) Added to Shield Max When Present
1 10 20
2 20 40
3 30 60