The Queen.

Abilities Edit

  • Local effect: +20 shield charge
  • Global effect: If you acquire an enemy's Queen via a gift or through the Hypnotists ability, the new Queen becomes a Princess.
  • Special Ability. Queens hire specialists (+1 Specialist every 18 hours)

In Game Text Edit

  • Adds 20 to her outpost's maximum shield charge. If you acquire another Queen, she becomes a Princess. Queen may periodically hire specialists.

 Flavor Text Edit

Only our offspring will know if the ends justified the means.

Interactions/Notes/Combos Edit

Strategy Edit

  • Inspector + Queen -- Beginning Game strategy: If your first hire is a inspector you set your Queen to capture the outpost nearest to her. Upon arrival hire the Inspector- an instant 30-40 shield will protect you Queen. Use this with caution.

Interactions Edit

  • Princess- If a Queen is captured or destroyed, the nearest Princess in relation to the Queen will be crowned the next Queen.
  • Diplomat- If an outpost is captured with a Queen on it within the Diplomats sonar range, she will not be captured and instead flee to your nearest outpost- you will not be eliminated.However if the Queen is caught in sub to sub combat, she will be considered captured and you will be eliminated- even within the Diplomats range.
  • Hypnotist- If an enemy Queen is converted using a Hypnotist, she will become a Princess.