As well as online play Subterfuge boasts a number of Tactical Puzzles. These puzzles act as tutorials of basic game features, before progressing to harder challenges best solved once you have played the online game.

There are currently 24 Tactical Puzzles.

To avoid spoilers, each puzzle will be given its own page, solutions are hidden in sections that need to be expanded to read.

List of PuzzlesEdit

Puzzle Title Difficulty
Combat 1 Launching a Sub *
Combat 2 Joint Attack *
Combat 3 Reinforcements *
Combat 4 Scheduled Orders *
Specialists 1 The Factory *
Specialists 2 Hiring Specialists *
Specialists 3 Combat Priority *
Specialists 4 Promotion *
Winning 1 Drilling Mines *
Diplomacy 1 The Gift *
Diplomacy 2 Funding *
Combat 5 A Specialist **
Combat 6 Sub to Sub Combat**
Specialists 5 Global Abilities **
Specialists 6 Electrical Output **
Winning 2 Mining Rate **
Winning 3 Losing a Mine **
Winning 4 Losing a Queen **
Diplomacy 3 Disabling Shields **
Diplomacy 4 Captives Specialists **
Advanced 1 Order Matters ***
Advanced 2 The Fastest Way From A to B ***
Advanced 3 Against All Odds ***
Kobayashi Maru A Test of Character ***


Many of the puzzles involve the outpost Kyburz. This is almost certainly a reference to Jay Kyburz, the creator of Neptune's Pride.

The final puzzle is named the Kobayashi Maru, in reference to the seemingly unwinnable scenario from Star Trek.