Abilities Edit

  • Local effect: Can target enemy subs in addition to bases
  • Local effect: 200% speed when when attacking enemy subs
  • Local effect: 400% speed when returning to friendly outposts after victorious combat

In Game Text Edit

  • Sub carrying Pirate can target another sub. When targeting a sub, travels 2x faster than ordinary subs, then travels at 4x normal speed to nearest friendly outpost.

 Flavor Text Edit

Subs have no shields. One only need know how to find them.

Interactions/Notes/Combos Edit

Interactions Edit

  • Targeting a sub with a Navigator on board: Once you have launched the pirate at an enemy sub there is no way to recall the pirate sub if the enemies navigator sub is redirected. Your pirate will continue to chase it's target until the target no longer exists. This can occur by you catching your target, your target being eliminated by another player, or if the navigator sub reaches an outpost. Once the target sub no longer exists your pirate will return to the nearest friendly outpost at 4x speed.

Combos Edit

  • Pirate + Navigator + Assassin a.k.a. "The Queen's Bounty" -- This is the ultimate Queen hunting combo. The Assassin is there to eliminate the Queen, regardless of combat outcome. If the Queen starts to run away to escape, the Navigator can change course to follow her. And finally, the Pirate can target the Queen's sub mid-flight, allowing very little chance of escape.
  • Pirate + Navigator + Anything -- You can use the pirate to get you some extra speed and get you closer to an enemy node, then switch directions towards the node at the closest point. Saves time / surprises enemy.

Notes Edit

  • A Pirate attack specific targets, not targets on a specific vector, so it will ignore other subs which are directly between itself and it's target.
  • If there are no friendly outposts after a successful combat, it will head towards the closest outpost.