The Outpost is the basic building structure of the game, from where you can produce drillers (Factory), generate electricity (Generator), mine Neptunium (Mine), or just relay drillers and Specialists.

All Outposts have a shield of either 10 or 20, with 10 shield outposts being more common than 20 shield outposts.

Shields reach full charge in 48 hours, regardless of shield capacity, meaning a 20 shield outpost will have more shield charged than a 10 shield outpost in the same amount of time. The Security Chief, Queen, and King can modify shield capacity:

Specialist Local Change Global Change
None +0 +0
Security Chief +20 +10
Queen +20 +0
King +20 -20

The standard Outpost has a range of 27 hours at a 1.0 speed factor. The Princess and Intelligence Officer can modify the range:

Specialist Percent change Local Range (in hours) Global Range (in hours)
None +0% 27 27
Intelligence Officer +25% 33.75 33.75
Princess +50% 40.5 27