A mine is an outpost that creates Neptunium, the currency needed to win the game.

Each mine you own produces 1kg of Neptunium a day for every outpost you own.

The first player to obtain 200 kg of Neptunium in a game of Subterfuge is declared the winner.

Like all outposts, mines possess shields.

Drilling MinesEdit

Mines do not exist in the game until they are drilled by a player, replacing a factory or generator outpost. Each mine you drill is created by destroying a number of drillers at one location. The driller cost of each mine is listed below.

1st Mine *50 Drillers. 2nd Mine *100 Drillers. 3rd Mine *200 Drillers. 4th Mine *400 Drillers.

Seizing MinesEdit

Rather than drilling a mine for yourself you may attack another players mine and gain control of it. Seizing a Mine destroys 20% of the previous owner's Neptunium total. The captor receives no extra Neptunium.

Seizing a Mine from another player does not increase the Driller costs of your subsequent mines. For example, if you seized 2 mines, and then drilled your own mine, this mine would still only cost 50 drillers as it would be the first one that you personally constructed.