Map Generation Edit

Outposts Edit

From the Devs:

  1. We create a blank map with an area that would maintain the same "outpost density" no matter how many players are playing
  2. We randomly place N points on the map, where N is the number of players
  3. These points repel each other so that they are arranged on the map in a reasonably spread out manner
  4. We then add N*10 outposts at random positions
  5. The outposts repel each other so that they become reasonably spaced out (but not uniformly so)
  6. For each of the N points above, the 5 closest outposts become owned by a player, with the outpost closest to the point being the starting outpost of the queen (the rest are given 40 drillers)
  7. We then randomly choose what percentage of outposts are generators. the range is 30%-60%
  8. We build a "deck" of outpost types with the correct ratio of factories to generators
  9. Starting from each of the N points, we take the closest outpost and give it the first type on the deck, the second closest outpost gets the second card from the deck, etc. This ensures that players have similar resources available to them (don't want one player having all generators and another all factories).

When a game is created, it applies the steps above 500 times, and then picks the map that is most balanced. Most balanced means that if all players send 1 driller to every outpost, the difference between the player that ends up with the most outpost and the player that ends up with the least is smallest. for smaller games (up to 6 or 7) players normally end up with identical outpost counts under the expansion algorithm above. With larger games (8-10) there's usually a 2 outpost difference between best starting position (11 outposts) and worst starting position (9 outposts). Sometimes there's a 3 outpost difference (e.g. 12-9 or 11-8) but those are rare.

Shields Edit

From the Devs:

  • We build a "deck" of shield strengths. 33% chance of 10 shields, 67% chance of 20 shields.
  • Starting with each player's center position, we get the closest outpost without shields assigned, and assign it the next "card" from the shields "deck". then repeat this until all outposts have shields assigned.
  • We use the same deck for all players, which gives us fairly even distribution of shields among players. this is also how we determine outpost types, but the percentage of generators/factories varies from game to game.

Specialist Selections Edit

From the Devs:

  • Each specialist is classified as attack, defense, or other
  • We take 3 copies of all attack specialists and put them in a "deck" and "shuffle" it
  • We similarly create defense and other decks
  • Each round we draw one specialist from each deck and present it to the player