There are 100 predetermined names for outposts exists for every game. Many of them refer to various myths, persons, or objects related to the ocean or water. Here they are:

An asterisk (*) denotes an unsure description. Please contribute any info you may know!

Adama (user AdmiralAdama, veteran and notable alpha tester; Name of William Adama of Battlestar Galatica)
Ahab (Name of the captain in "Moby Dick")
Ahti (Finnish god of depths, water, and fishing)
Albreed (*Al Reed mentioned in credits)
Archanis (a star referenced in the Star Trek series)
Ausich (Arlie Ausich mentioned in the credits)
Benthic (ecological zone at the lowest level of a body of water)
Billante (*related to conserving fish)
Boxlighter (*Bruce Boxleitner, actor known for his work on Tron and Babylon 5)
Calhamer (Allan B. Calhamer was the inventor of the game "Diplomacy")
Cebu (Island in the Phillipines)
Champino (user mentioned in credits, veteran and notable beta tester Champinoman)
Congo (named after beta player and forums moderator czechcongo)
Cousteau (Jacques Cousteau, inventor of the aqualung, and famed underwater explorer.)
Dakuwaqa (In Fijian mythology, a shark-god)
Deepcore (2000 movie where a strange reaction under Earth's surface damages the planet's inner structure)
Donatu (a planet referenced in the Star Trek series)
El-Farolito ("The Lighthouse" in spanish)
Enki (Sumerian God of crafts, mischief, water, seawater, lakewater, intelligence, and creation)
Fam (*FAM stands for Flexible Axis Meter, a water measurement meter)
Fate (user mentioned in credits,veteran and notable beta tester FateCreatr)
Feld (Board Game designer Stefan Feld, well-known for The Castles of Burgundy and Trajan)
Gabler (Kyle Gabler is mentioned in the credits)
Garfield (Richard Garfield, game designer, most notable for Magic: The Gathering)
Gotengo (fictional submarine battleship seen in many Japanese films, including Godzilla).
Hagai (*Hebrew prophet called Haggai)
Haik (*garment worn by Moroccans)
Hashimoto (*Hashimoto's disease where your immune systems attacks your thyroid)
Hellman (*David Hellman, artist, known for Braid; Martin Hellman, American cryptologist)
Hook (fictional pirate with a hook for his hand, from John Barrie's book Peter Pan)
Humblerod (Rod Humble is mentioned in the credits, former CEO of Linden Lab and Executive VP for the EA play labe)
Kiesling (Game designer Michael Kiesling, notable for collaborations with Wolfgang Kramer)
King (*Horror writer Stephen King)
Kramer (Game designer Wolfgang Kramer, notable for collaborations with Michael Kiesling)
Kyburz (Named after Jay Kryburz, creator of Neptunes' pride.)
Lir (Personification of sea god in Irish mythology)
Magellan (a Portuguese explorer who led part of the first expedition around the world)
Mandela (*refers to former South African president and revolutionary Nelson Mandela)
Mazu (Chinese patron goddess said to protect seafarers)
Naija (*refers to slang of Nigerian)
Nautilus (Name of fictional submarine in Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea")
Nemo (Name of Captain which operates the Nautilus in Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea")
Neptune (Roman god of the sea, horses; eighth planet from Sun, and is blue)
October (*refers to movie "The Hunt for Red October" featuring a submarine chase)
Poseidon (Greek god of the Sea)
Proteus (Greek god of changing waters. Son of Posiedon)
Rokovoko (In "Moby Dick," fictional island home of the character Queequeg. Said to be "an island far away to the West and South" from New England)
Sagan (Carl Sagan, famous astronomer and author)
Samet (*Ko Samet is an eastern Island of Thailand)
Seabass (oceangoing fish)
Sedna (Inuit goddess of the sea and marine animals)
Serenity (*Firefly TV series, also title of 2005 movie)
Shaneville (Shane Nakamura is the name of the artist for Subterfuge)
Shasta (*refers to Mount Shasta, California)
Sivan (ninth month of the civil year and the third month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar)
Solo (named by alpha user Kjallstrom after captain Han Solo)
Soren (*Soren Johnson, game designer and programmer most notable for his work on the Civilization series)
SSAM-BAR (*a type of Korean food)
Suijin (Shinto god of water in Japan)
Tangaroa (God of the sea in Maori phenomology)
Thunderbird (*Giant mythological bird that brought massive thunderstorms)
Tiberius (*Roman emperor)
Triton (A reference to the similar game, Neptunes' Pride 2 Triton. Also the son of Greek sea god Poseidon)
Tyrion (*refers to Tyrion Lannister of popular show "Game of Thrones")
Vaccarino (Donald X. Vaccarino, board Game designer, well known for Dominion)
Varuna (Hindu god of water and the celestial ocean)
Verne (Named after Jules Verne, author of 20,000 leagues under the sea.)
Wallace (Martin Wallace, notable board game designer)
Wohlwend (Greg Wohlwend is mentioned in the credits, American independent game creator)
Woodridge (a neighborhood where alpha tester KalleMacD resides)
Yamato (Japanese battleship in WWII)