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The Kobayashi Maru is the last of the 24 Puzzles in Subterfuge.


Hold Donatu until sub arrives.

This means opponent must never be in control of Donatu, and the intelligence officer must arrive there without ever having engaged in combat.


You're on your own with this one :)


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1) Hire a Martyr and a Helmsman.
Screenshot 20181103-030628
2) Send your Queen, Martyr, and Helmsman to Donatu.
Screenshot 20181103-030650
3) Target the opponent's Martyr with your pirate after 5 hours so that it can blast 2 subs together.
Screenshot 20181103-030730
4) Your Queen, having moved to Donatu will have just enough time to produce a third specialist who should be able to turn things round. For your third hire, get a Saboteur and immediately send your Queen and Helmsman back to Archanis, and at the same time, send the Saboteur to Hatoria to redirect the first sub heading to Donatu.
Screenshot 20181103-030911
5) Queen and Helmsman will return to Archanis safely, while the second sub carrying Revered elder will blow up with Martyr at Donatu.
Screenshot 20181103-030948

Alternate & More Explosive Solution:

Follow above solution, except hire a Sentry and keep the Queen at Donatu as a sacrifice.

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