Abilities Edit

  • Global effect: For every 3 drillers owned locally after specialist phase (but before combat damage), destroy 1 enemy driller in combat
  • Global effect: -20 to max shield charge
  • Local effect: +40 to max shield charge (Net result +20 due to Global -20)
  • Promoted from: Hypnotist

In Game Text Edit

  • Destroys 1 enemy driller for every 3 of your drillers that remain after specialist phase in every combat you are involved. Reduces max shield charge of all your outposts by 20, except at King's outpost, where it is increased by 20.

 Flavor Text Edit

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Interactions/Notes/Combos Edit

Stacking Edit

The King's Offensive Global Ability does NOT stack, but shield effects do.

Number of Kings Drillers Destroyed Global Shields
1 1 for every 3 -20
2 1 for every 3 -40
3 1 for every 3 -60
4 1 for every 3 -80

Trivia Edit

It's quite suspicious how the Hypnotist becomes a King...