The Inspector.

Abilities Edit

  • Local effect: Fully charges shields when arriving at your outposts
  • Local effect: Fully charges shields after combat at your outposts
  • Promotes to: Security Chief

In Game Text Edit

  • Fully charges the shields of a friendly outpost upon arrival and after every combat while he's present.
  • Promotes to: Security Chief

 Flavor Text Edit

Scrutiny is never welcome, but it does deliver results.

Interactions/Notes/Combos Edit

Strategy Edit

  • Inspector+Queen Begining Game strategy: Often a starting position can put you in an awkward position and sometimes this leaves your Queen as the closest starting unit to be able to take over a dormant outpost.

IF you have the Inspector for you first hire you can make a relatively safe attempt at an outpost. Idealy you want to to use this to capture an outpost with 20 natural Max Shield Capacity, but you can also pull it off if you can see that your neighbors are sending 30 drillers of less to the desired outpost. When the Queen arrives immediately hire the inspector. This will immediately boost your shields to maximum output to either 30 or 40 immediately. This could potentially secure you an otherwise awkward outpost and as well as burn opponent resources for the low cost of a hire that can be upgraded into a worthwile 2nd Tier specialist.