Abilities Edit

  • Local effect: -20 shield charge from defending outpost
  • Combat priority: 4

In Game Text Edit

  • Drains 20 from the shield charge of any outpost it attacks.
  • Combat priority: 4

Flavor Text Edit

Shields. Exceptionally effective against that which is on the outside.

Interactions/Notes/Combos Edit

Notes Edit

  • The Infiltrator is a niche Specialist designed to counter and punch though outpost shields and shield boosting Specialists, namely the Queen and Security Chief.
  • His value as a Specialist for hire increases drastically against an opponent whom hires a Security Chief. (+10 to shield maximum of all Outposts)
  • Inversely the Infiltrator's value decreases when an opponent hires a King. (-20 to shield maximum of all outposts globally and +20 to local shield maximum)