The General.

Abilities Edit

  • Global effect: -10 enemy drillers when one or more specialists are in combat
  • Local effect: 150% speed
  • Promoted from: Lieutenant

In Game Text Edit

Travels 50% faster than ordinary subs. When one or more of your specialists is present where combat occurs, 10 enemy drillers are destroyed after specialist phase.

 Flavor Text Edit

The only way to win a war is for your adversary to believe they've lost.

Interactions/Notes/Combos Edit

Stacking Edit

Multiple General's Global Abilities do stack.

General(s) Drillers Destroyed
1 10
2 20
3 30

Interactions Edit

Combos Edit

  • General + Diplomat + Specialists -- The General kills 10 drillers after each combat involving a Specialist. The Diplomat recalls any captive Specialists after they are captured, if they are within Sonar range. Simply launch as many Specialists at an Outpost to wear down the Drillers defending it 10 at a time.