Abilities Edit

  • Ranged effect: Your specialists which have been captured are released to your closest owned outpost
  • Range: Outposts’ sonar range

In Game Text Edit

  • Releases all captive specialists you own that are being held at an outpost within Diplomat's outpost's sonar range.

 Flavor Text Edit

Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.

Interactions/Notes/Combos Edit

Interactions Edit

  • The Diplomat takes priority in ability over an opposing Hypnotist. If your specialist is captured at an enemy outpost where a Hypnotist resides, he will immediately be sent to your nearest outpost instead of being converted to the opposing side.
  • Take note, that it only applies to sub-to-outpost combat; if your specialist is captured in sub-to-sub combat and transported to an enemy outpost where a Hypnotist resides, upon arrival they will be converted to the opposing side, despite being in you Diplomat's range.

Notes Edit

  • The Diplomats ability is equal to the sonar range of its outpost, therefore the Diplomat benefits from Specialists that extend outpost range such as the Intelligence Officer and Princess.

Combos Edit

  • General + Diplomat + Specialists -- The General kills 10 drillers after each combat involving a Specialist. The Diplomat recalls any captive Specialists after they are captured, if they are within Sonar range. Simply launch as many Specialists at an Outpost to wear down the Drillers defending it 10 at a time.

A smaller variation of this can be done with the War Hero , Thief , and Lieutenant, without the use of a General .