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Diplomacy 4 is the 20th of the 24 Puzzles in Subterfuge.


Ensure your ally keeps Kyburz.

When specialists lose in combat, they become captive and are no longer in play until they are released. The owner of the outpost at which a specialist is held captive may release the specialist by selecting it and tapping the 'release' button in its info panel.


If you take over an outpost that has captive specialists, you become their new captor.


To see the solution click Expand below.

1) Gift all 18 from Calhamer to Kyburz

2) Click on Queen to hire Helmsman

3) Send your 9 drillers and Helmsman from Ausich to Vaccarino. Make sure to click on Jump to Arrival.

4) Release the War Hero

5) Success!


Sent your guys as gifts