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Advanced 3 is the 23rd of the 24 Puzzles in Subterfuge.


Maintain control of Kyburz.


Specialists with global abilities can be effective against a Reverend Elder because they aren't present when their abilities are applied.


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1) First, send your first two specialists at Vintgar to Kyburz. We'll be using them for later.
2) Wait until your Lieutenant + 15 drillers are at Kyburz. Promote the Lieutenant to General then.
3) Wait until the Queen's next promotion cycle and hire two Saboteurs (Assassins work too). The specialist abilities don't matter, only the +10 driller damage they do to enemies due to the General bonus. Hiring 2 specialists means an overall of +20 driller damage.
4) Launch one Saboteur at Revered Elder sub coming from Calhamer. The Revered Elder nullifies the Saboteurs effect, but remember the General bonus means the sub takes 10 damage.
5) Wait for the next combat cycle (e.g. 20 minutes) and fire another Saboteur. This achieves the same effect. They are sent separately as the effect doesn't stack with multiple specialists in a single sub.
The Revered Elder sub will now have only 25 drillers, which will lose to the 15 drillers + 7 shield + 10 damage General bonus (totaling 32) from Kyburz.
6) When your pirate arrives at Kyburz, send it to the Infiltrator + Navigator + 36 drillers sub. Again, this is for the General bonus to kick in.
7) Oh yeah, you've now won! But to explain why, it's because your Inspector (which you sent from Vintgar to Kyburz) refills the shield after every battle. So after the run in with the Revered Elder and co., your Inspector filled up a grand total of 30 shield. 10 from the outpost, 20 from the Queen. This means after the enemies Infiltrator takes 20 away, you have 10 left. 10 shield + 7 drillers + 10 damage General bonus (totaling 27) is just enough to defend Kyburz.
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