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Advanced 2 is the 22nd of the 24 Puzzles in Subterfuge.


Conquer Sivan within 24 hours.


The fastest route between two outposts may not be a straight line.


To see the solution click Expand below.

1) Select Kyburz and send all drillers and Lieutenant to Calhamer. DO NOT CLICK JUMP TO ARRIVAL.

2) With your Queen at Vintgar, hire a Smuggler. Send both your Queen and Smuggler to Vaccarino, that alread has 13 drillers arriving there. Click Jump to Arrival, which should be at 8.3 hours.

3) Hire an Infiltrator. You should have 15 already at Calhamer with your Lieutenant.

4) Send all 13 Drillers with Queen, Smuggler and Infiltrator from Vaccarino to Calhamer. Click/Select Jump to Arrival. You should now have 28 Drillers, and 4 Specialists at Calhamer. 16.3 hours should have passed.

5) Send all 28 drillers, Lieutenant, Infiltrator, and Smuggler to take over Sivan, ending at 23.7